HolzMaster is an international trademark, and one of the world’s leaders in production of lumber wood used by private craftsmen and large enterprises engaged in the production of musical instruments, billiard cues, souvenirs made of wood, exclusive knives.

In the course of cooperation with the clients we lean on several important principles:

- generous approach to implementation of orders;

- exclusive materials;

To produce KNIFES and FURNITURE from Bog-wood we use special technology for exceptional quality.

To produce KNIFES and BILLIARD CUES from stable lumber we use roots of different species (Birch root, Bird's eye, Chestnut root) and apply the most advanced methods and technologies of stabilization of wood.

To produce LUXURY FURNITURE from Karelian Birch root veneers we use high quality raw materials and modern equipment.

Standard lumber sizes:


Other sizes available on request. If your projects require different measurements our experts will make lumber of specific sizes for you.
Just contact us. We are always ready to cooperate!

Contact Germany

Denys Novak
Official Manager of HolzMaster
Phone:  +49 (0) 176 643 587 90 (WhatsApp)
Email: contact@wood-master.de

The products that are always available in our warehouses:

- Hornbeam of various colors (green, orange, blue, yellow, and others.)
- Bog-wood (Mooreiche)
- Stable root of various species
- Walnut root

In addition to lumber company also produces finished goods under HolzMaster trademark:

ball-point pens and ink pens, cigar cases, handbags, luxury wallets. Detailed information on the products can be found at our online-store web page. We guarantee that all products are of the highest quality. To provide our customers with the highest quality we use only the ingredients and compounds that have passed European certification. This ensures safety, durability and style of finished products, and makes lumber cost-efficient and easy to process.

Make your order and you will appreciate the true quality from HolzMaster!